Weekly News: Store, SAS Rohan Re-run, MSP Gintoki & Figma Gon…

Hi Everybody :) ,

Hope you had a nice week and you’re ready for the coming week-end. I am still preparing my post on the Jojo anime series and it should be online pretty soon. Before that, let’s browse through some cool news…

First of all, and as discussed earlier, the store is up and available at this page. I will keep adding things progressively, so you’re welcome to come back from time to time. Moreover, I put some comments on the page, be sure to read them before making any purchase.

That being said, let’s see what we have for this week

Banpresto – Master Stars Piece Sakata Gintoki

Wow, I was so excited when I saw this one. I am so glad Banpresto is releasing so much Gintama figures. So as the title said, the sweets lover will be available around end March 2013. Height is around 26cm tall. A picture below, more info on Banpresto website.

Banpresto Master Stars Piece Sakata Gintoki

MSP Sakata Gintoki

Really love him. I think it will be a good alternative to the GEM version, for poor collectors like me   :) . Could it be that Kintoki will be the next on the MSP list? Is that really true Banpresto-san?  ;)

Anyway, I will update the online store links later. Pretty sure stores like BiginJapan will offer.

Oh, and before I forget, Elizabeth & Pandemonium will be available at the end of the month, in case you’re interested.

Banpresto Elisabeth & Pandemonium Plushes Gintama

Elisabeth & Pandemonium Plushes


Max Factory – Figma Gon Freecss

I know… I am not really into figmas and it is really rare for me to talk about this series of action figures. But well, I saw the news and I thought maybe they could be of interest for another H x H fan.

Indeed, Max Factory has announced the release of Figma Gon. Figure is around 13cm tall and will be available somewhere in June. Accessories include backpack, fishing rod, different hands and face expressions. Some pictures below, more on Goodsmile website.

Maxfactory Figma Gon

Figma Gon

Maxfactory Figma Gon Maxfactory Figma Gon


Looks quite good to me. But as I already said, I don’t have much interests in Figmas. If you like them, you can pre-order yours on Hobby Search or Amiami.


Medicos – SAS Rohan Kishibe Re-run

Our beloved mangaka is back will be back in March. Check related post here.

Medicos Super Action Figure Rohan Kishibe & Heaven's Door


That’s it for the news.

See you  :*

  • Metstyle

    When I first saw Gon I decided I’d get him when he comes, so this is a great excuse for me to start watching HxH, hehe. 

    • http://www.purple-garden.com Purplekate

      Have you started yet? I totally recommend the anime…

      • Metstyle

        Yup! I have, though I’m only two episodes into it. :p