Some News: New Year Greetings, Medicos, Di Molto Bene, Re-release SAS Jojo Part 2 & Statue Legend Crazy Diamond…

Hello Jojo fan fellows  :-h ,

First of all allow me, to wish you officially an awesome year 2013. I apologize for the inactivity these last months. As I already explained, I was busy working on some urgent projects and had very little time on hand to update this blog  :( . I can tell you that I missed it a lot and hopefully things will be a bit easier now. In any case, I’ll continue to do do my best to cover the Jojo and other cool series goodies news. In addition to that, I would like to also thank all of you for your support, as the overall visits/visitors didn’t drop that much during this period. I was quite surprised and glad that this little blog continues to get so much attention. I am doing all this on my free time, without getting any money out of it, so it does mean a lot for me.  Thanks again!  :">

So quickly, before moving to today’s topic, let’s go through the plans for 2013. Well I’m always working on how to make this blog more useful and more interactive. So firstly, I am working on a kind of house-made, downloadable Jojo figures/goodies catalogue starting Jan 2011 (when I started this blog). Secondly, I would like to start doing again the reminders for the hot releases every month, Jojo related or not. I used to do that but had to stop as time was a concern. Thirdly, I will be trying to make more figures/goodies reviews, as well as updating more frequently the Purple Wonderland section. Also, I have to cover imperatively the new Jojo anime series and any other cool anime/manga that might be of interest for you. Finally, I plan add a small shop here, so as to offer some nice items that some of you seems to have difficulties to find. Well this is a lot of work, hope everything will run smoothly. If you have some ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

That being said, let’s move on to our weekly news.


Di Molto Bene – Statue Legend Crazy Diamond

As the title says, Statue Legend Crazy Diamond is scheduled for April 2013. The bad guy will be around 14cm tall. Some pictures below, more on Di Molto website.

Di Molto Bene Statue Legend Crazy Diamond

Statue Legend Crazy Diamond

Di Molto Bene Statue Legend Crazy Diamond

Di Molto Bene Jojo PArt 4 Statue Legend Crazy Diamond

Well, I guess Diamond is Unbreakable’s fans will be very happy, but as for me, I don’t like at all what I see at the moment. The pose seems dull and lacks the eccentricity that characterize all Jojo characters. And Crazy Diamond is such a popular and important stand that really, I think Di Molto should have spend a little more time on this one :( . But again, this is my very own opinion, I guess some people will be very satisfied with this warrior look   ;)) . Colors look very nice though :) .

Anyway, if you are interested, you can pre-order yours at Amiami or Hobby Search.


Medicos – SAS Kars & Caesar Zeppeli (Re-run)

Yes… Medicos announced the re-release of SAS Kars (see related post here) ans SAS Caesar Zeppeli (related post available here). Both are scheduled for June 2013, so if you couldn’t get the first release, don’t miss this one  ;) .

But I wonder… How about Joseph?  8->


Medicos Ent. Jojo Part 2 SAS Caesar Zeppeli

SAS Caesar Antonio Zeppeli

Medicos Ent Jojo Part 2 Battle Tendency SAS Kars

SAS Kars


That’s it for today. Next post will be related to Wonder Festival exclusives.

See you   :*