Some Cool Prize Figures to Add to your Collection: DXF Berserk, Gintama, Jojo & Hunter x Hunter…

Hi Everybody,

Before writing about the Jojo anime series, I realized that there are several cool figures I haven’t written about yet. And when I say cool, I mean you may really want them asap in your personal collection. Some have been released a few months ago, some are yet to be released… All from our dear Banpresto :-P !  Enjoy…

DXF Figure Berserk – Gatts & Griffith

This one was released in December 2012. I almost cried when I saw Gatts & Griffith. Did I ever told you that Berserk used to be one of my favorite manga of all time (before I discover Jojo, to be more precise  ;) ). Well these two characters look very good together, and if you don’t have enough budget for Art of War figures, you can always get these ones  :) . Figures are around 16cm tall. Still available for sale at BiginJap. A picture below, more info on banpresto website.


BAnpresto DXF Prize Figure Berserk

Banpresto DXF Berserk


DXF Figure Hunter x Hunter vol 4 – Hisoka & Illumi

So after the release of Vol 3 DXF Silva & Xeno (cf below) in December, Banpresto is releasing this month (Jan 13)  Hisoka & Illumi. Wow there’s no word to say how much I’m happy :) . I love these 2 characters so much… And the poses are sooo cool  :-x . Figures will be 17cm tall. Some pictures below, more Banpresto website.

BAnpresto Prize DXF Hunter x Hunter Vol 3

DXF Hunter x Hunter Vol 3

Banpresto Prize DXF Hunter x Hunter Vol 4

DXF Hunter x Hunter Vol 4

Vol. 4 seems sold out, while Vol.3 is still available at BiginJap.

Up 1/02/13: Managed to get 1pc of each figure, available in my store.


DXF Figure Gintama – Takasugi Shinsuke & Kondo Isae

If you have been around for a while, you certainly know how much I love Gintama. I just can’t resist their weir, somewhat very dirty sense of humor. Banpresto seems to understand that very well and now offer the graceful villain and the plain gorilla to us. Both are around 17cm tall and should be available this month. A picture below, more on Banpresto website.

Banpresto DXF Gintama Takasugi & Kondo

DXF Gintama Takasugi & Kondo


DXF Figure Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Passione vol.5 Guido Mista

Yep, as you can see. After Fuugo ( see related post here), Mista will be available somewhere in February 2013. Figure is around  17cm tall. A picture below, more on Banpresto website.

BAnpresto DXF Jojo part 5 Mista

DXF Guiso Mista

That’s it. I will update the online store links later.

See you soon! :*