Some Cool Figures to Add to Your Collection: Statue Legend Star Platinum Second, GEM Sakata Kintoki & D-Arts MewTwo….

Hey Everybody,

Hope you are good ! Here is as busy as usual… You will notice that I dropped the “Jojo” in the title. Not that there aren’t much info on that side. Actually, there are so many things I would like to discuss on this blog. Guess will have to wait until things get better (if they ever get  :(( )

Anyway and as usual, here is a short post to discuss briefly three very cool figures announcements.

1) Di Molto Bene – Statue Legend Star Platinum Second

That’s it. Our beloved Star Platinum in blue tones is now available for pre-orders.  Yes, after the first version released earlier this year (see related post here), the cool guy will be ready to join your collection around February 2013. Figure stands 22cm. A picture below. Di Molto hasn’t updated its website yet, so I’ll upload nicer photos later. Some pcitures below, more on Di Molto website.

Di Molto Bene Jojo Part 3 Statue Legend Star Platinum Second

Statue Legend Star Platinum Second

Di Molto Bene Jojo Part 3 Statue Legend Star Platinum SecondDi Molto Bene Jojo Part 3 Statue Legend Star Platinum Second

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Statue Legend Star Platinum Second

Isn’t our “stand star” too gorgeous? I think I should really get this one. I feel I haven’t bought any Jojo figure for ages. If you’re also interested, better reserve yours asap at Amiami or Hobby Search.

BTW Di Molto also announced that Statue Legend Dio release would be delayed to end November (initially scheduled for mid-November). Guess it’s not a big deal as long as the bad boy becomes available in November right? ;)


2) Megahouse – GEM Sakata Kintoki

Wow I was so surprised that our dear Kintoki got his very own figure so early. Indeed, those who read the manga probably already know him, but TV series addicts like myself just discovered this character in the new season. Those who don’t have a clue can always check Gintama wikia for more info. I’m not doing any spoils here :-P .

Anyway, another bad guy is ready to join your Gintama figures collection somewhere in April 2013.  Figure is about 22cm tall and 1/8 scale. Some pictures below, more on Megahouse website. Pre-orders already opened at Amiami and Hobby Search.

Gintama Megahouse GEM Sakata Kintoki

GEM Sakata Kintoki

Gintama Megahouse GEM Sakata Kintoki

Gintama Megahouse GEM Sakata Kintoki


3) Bandai – D-Arts Pokemon MewTwo

I know… Seems that MewTwo is in very limited quantities. But he is so cute, that I just had to add him to the list. Figure is around 16cm tall, release is scheduled for March 2013. More info about the character here.

Bandai Pokemon Darts Mewtwo

D-arts Mewtwo

If you’re interested, check Hobby Search, Amiami or any other website at release date to see if you can grab one.

That’s it.

See you  :*