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Pullip Peter Pan Series

My Doll Collection – January Update: Kimmidoll Mebae, Little Dal Alice Pink & Byul Tiger Lily…

I would have never imagined that handling a website in French and a blog in English would be so demanding. Too much news and not enough time… I hope I will keep improving myself. Anyway… Here is a short update the new cuties that joined my collection last month (because we’re already in February). Only dolls this time! I don’t know why, but I haven’t bought any figure at all these days. What a shame! I will try to keep the balance in my February’s wishlist. Here we go!

First, you will find below the cute Kimmidoll Mebae. After Masami (Elegant Beauty) & Michiru (Wealth), I choose Mebae (fertility in the sens of imagination) because I feel  it’s also something  I really need at the moment. I mean between this blog, my website and the different fanfictions I am writing, I need plenty of inspiration and creativity to make everything go smoothly. Mebae is really cute, as most of the Kimmidolls and can be a very nice decorative item for non collectors. But so far, Masami is still my favorite. I am not very good at descriptions so I won’t go into that. You should be able to make your own opinion with the pics below.


More pics on my Gallery or on Flickr.

Second item is Little Dal – Alice Pink Ver. from the Alice in Wonderland Serie (Jun Planning). I love so much Alice in Wonderland that I really want to collect all the items of this serie. Hopefully I am able to get them for a very good price, so I will probably adding a new mini doll to my collection every month. Anyway Little Dal- Alice Pink is cute. See by yourself with the pics below:

LIttle Pullip - Alice in WonderlandLittle Pullip - Alice in WonderlandLittle Pullip - Alice in Wonderland

More pics here or on Flickr.

Finally, here is my dear Buyl Tiger Lily, from the Peter Pan Series. I don’t really like the Pullip – Peter Pan Ver., but I literally fell in love with Byul. It wasn’t easy to get her dressed, but I managed to do something. BTW, forgot to tell you that I suck in taking pictures and I am even worse at editing them. I am doing my best, so please be patient.

Pullip Peter Pan SeriesPullip Series Peter PanPullip - Peter Pan Series

Again, more pics in my Galery or on Flickr.

That’s it for today. I will try to update this blog asap with the new pre-orders, the items just released etc.  My french website is almost up-to-date, but there are so much things to write here…

Anyway, see you next time!

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