Jojo Weekly News: Di Molto Bene, Statue Legend & Polnareff Second…

Hello Jojo lovers  :-h ,

It has been a while… Hope you’re doing well.

A short post again today. Di Molto Bene has announced the release of Statue Legend Polnareff Second. For those who don’t remember about the first release, here is a nice picture for you below :-P . You can also check this post for more info.

Jojo Di Molto Bene Statue Legend Polnareff

 So, I was saying that Polnareff will be available in more flashy tones somewhere in August 2013. Figure is around 17cm tall, like the first release. Some pictures below, more on Di Molto website.

Di Molto Bene Statue Legend Polnareff Second

Statue Legend Polnareff Second

Di Molto Bene Statue Legend Polnareff Second

So, do you like him? I must say, I really have a thing for these purple socks and green shoes  :"> . Anyway, if you’re interested, you can pre-order yours at Amiami or Hobby Search.

That’s it.

See you  :*

  • Metstyle

    Wish there was some way to combine both the old and new versions. I like the new, brighter shirt/arm bands but I hate those god-awful pants. They make my eyes bleed.

    • Purplekate

      lol. Who knows… They may release a third repaint or an exclusive ver. BTW are you watching the anime series… Can’t wait for Part 3!

      • Metstyle

        Yeah I finished it a few days ago and loved it. It reminded me of why I love Joseph and Battle Tendency so much. I hope when they animate Stardust Crusaders they don’t cut any of the material because it’s a pretty lengthy part.

        • Purplekate

          Seems that Part 3 will be out in 2014. Can’t wait… can’t wait!