Jojo Rocks: Medicos, Banpresto, SAS Dio Black, SAS Silver Chariot Second & Other Yummy Prize Releases….

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Note: This post was written weeks ago and I just couldn’t post it as I had an image uploading issue. Sorry for the very late news  :((

How have you been? Sorry for the loong wait, but it’s soooo busy over here #:-S ! Don’t  even have the time to watch Gintama anymore  :( . As for the new Jojo anime series, I haven’t even started  :(( . I feel sooooo bad. But well, it’s life! I have a few hours free today, do I’m taking the opportunity to write a short jojo figures related post. The goodies will have to wait again, sorry  :( . So that being said, lets start from the beginning.


Medicos Ent – SAS Dio Black Ver.

Wow, I guess those who are following this blog know well how much I love Stardust Crusaders and Dio, one of the coolest villains I’ve ever seen  :"> . And seems I’m not the only one.

Indeed, after numerous SAS Dio, Medicos announced, some weeks earlier the release of Statue Legend Dio Black Ver. Figure is around 17cm tall, will be available around February 2013, and will come with lots of accessories as usual.

Some pictures below, more on Medicos website.

Medicos Ent Jojo Stardust Crusaders Dio Black Ver

SAS Dio Back Ver.

Medicos Ent Jojo Stardust Crusaders Dio Black Ver


Medicos Ent Jojo Stardust Crusaders Dio Black Ver

I guess all of you know now how I feel about SAS figures now, but well I must say that this Dio is just soooo cool and alluring  :-x . Actually I wonder if I shouldn’t get him too.

Anyway, if you are interested, you can pre-order yours at Amiami or Hobby Search.

Medicos Ent – SAS Silver Chariot Second

If you missed SAS Silver Chariot first (see related post here), you always have a chance to get the second issue. Not much time to spend on this one, but the cool stand will be around 16cm tall and should be available around March 2013. Some pictures below, more info on Medicos website.

Medicos Ent SAS Silver Chariot Second

SAS Silver Chariot Second

Medicos Ent Jojo SAS Silver Chariot Second

SAS Silver Chariot Second_2

I like a lot the mix of Gold and Silver colors. If any interest, you can pre-order yours at Amiami or Hobby Search.


Banpresto – DXF Passione Vol 4 (Pannacotta Fugo) & Bizarre Key Holder Vol. 4

For Part 5 and Part 2 fans. Release in December. Fuugo is around 16cm tall when each key holder is around 10cm tall. Some pictures below, more info on Banpresto website.

Banpresto Jojo Part 5 DXF Fugo

Banpresto – DXF Fugo

Banpresto - Bizarre Holder Vol.2

Banpresto – Bizarre Holder Vol.2

BiginJap seems sold out for most Jojo prize items, but you can always have a look on their website and see if you can find something nice.

That’s it for today!

See you  :*

  • Metstyle

    I already own the original yellow Dio (Paid 160$ for him >.&gt ;) but I think I’ll get this one as well even though I think the colors are fugly. I must have that punching special effect. 

    • Purplekate

      Wow you got the yellow one for 160 usd ???!!!!! OMG!!!!! I kind of like the dark version and I’d be glad to buy it in RAH version. Punching effects look cool. Feel free to share some pics with us when u receive yours ^_^

      • Metstyle

        Hehe, will do, but that is if I manage to find one after it’s released. Right now the pre-orders are all sold-out on both Amiami and HLJ. >.>  I wish they’d hurry up and finish doing all the characters from part 5 so we can get a Jolyne SAS. 

        • Purplekate

          Really… So you’re also into Stone Ocean? Well, I am not into SAS anyway ^^. Good luck for Dio!

          • Metstyle

            Thanks. :-D And yes, I really like Stone Ocean so far (Still reading it) because it was a good change from Vento Aureo, which to be honest bored me from time to time.