Jojo Anime Series (2012): Part 1, Phantom Blood, Stone Mask, Jonathan, Dio, Zeppeli….

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Yay, finally my first post about Jojo Anime series :) . This one won’t be really long. Indeed, as I said, I am not a big fan of Phantom Blood and, even though Jonathan is a real gentleman well…. I think it’s not the most interesting Jojo. So this is going to be a short post about episodes 1 to 9. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched the series yet, I just hope I can make this post attractive enough so that more people get interested in Jojo.


The animation is cool in general. Music are quite well chosen and I really like the ending :) . 9 episodes only for Phantom Blood seems a bit fast, but I don’t have the impression that they have omitted important events, so well… Again, I read this part some years ago, and I don’t really remember the details.

To summarize, Phantom Blood is not my favorite part, but the animation make it very very interesting to watch. Now, let’s take a look on the characters and the most favorite parts.

The characters (main)

Jonathan Joestar: I realized that I’m always saying that Jonathan is not very interesting, but in fact it is not really true. This guy is the most adorable Jojo for sure and a real gentleman. He looks very similar to Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken), to my opinion. These men are considerate, caring about others, and strong enough (mentally & physically) to embrace their fate without loosing their soul. This is quite amazing when thinking about it. I guess these were the perfect heroes in the 80s 8-> .

Dio Brando: The coolest villain ever… He is obsessed with power and doesn’t really care about others, unless he can use of them for his evil plans. Dio’s feelings toward Jonathan and his father’s are really cold in reality. Jonathan’s naivety seems to annoy him to an extend that is completely beyond understanding. When it comes to the Joestar father, I must say, he just used him. The only person he seems to have truly care about at some point is his mother, as he deeply hate his father for the way he treated her. He seems to care a lot about his personal appearance, that is very useful to manipulate others I guess. Finally, he has some attitude. I mean he is a villain with manners and style. The type of villain you end up sympathising with, even if he is a complete jerk.

Favorite moments…

Some moments I found too funny or cute or whatever :-P … Check below:

Episode 1

The kiss scene. Really, I don’t why Dio thought about a kiss. The way Erina reacted was also very interesting. Rejection can have quite a bitter taste sometimes…

Dio KIssing Erina

Dio kissing Erina

Then a very manly battle. You don’t kiss other’s girlfriend without consequences ;)) .

Manly Battle Jojo Dio

Manly battle

Episode 3

Dio showing his actor’s talents… God this man is so good at pretending  ;) .

Jojo Episode 3

Dio pretending…

Then he shows his real face…

Dio ep3

 Jojo Episode 3

And makes this mythic sound… :)

Jojo Episode 3

Episode 4

Dio again… recovering with style…. ;))

Jojo Eisode 4

Jonathan also recovers… OMG look at these muscles :-x …. I hate so much this Erina sometimes  =((

Jojo episode 4

 Zeppeli is soo cooll  :">

Jojo episode 4

The sandwich looks very tasty

Episode 5

Then we meet again Dio. Always so welcoming…

Jojo Episode 5

 But Zeppeli knows how to talk to him  ;))

Jojo Episode 5

Episode 6

Love Bruford’s hair. He was a very cool villain…


But I’m not sure I understood the Luck/Pluck stuff  :-?

Jojo Episode 6

Zeppeli walking toward his fate X_X . This man is sooo awesome!  :((

Jojo Episode 6

Episode 7

Jojo gets angry… More muscles please…  :-x

Jojo Episode 7

Episode 8

Dio again… relaxing with style… Funny the way he likes to be surrounded by red roses… and horrible monsters. I told you, you can’t resist this kind of villains :-P .

Jojo Part 7

As he says himself…

Jojo Episode 8

But seems some can resist… sometimes… The way he was saying “Mademoiselle” was quite entrancing though… :)

Dio Second Rejection

Dio Second Rejection

I think I will stop here, otherwise I will end up spoiling the whole thing, and it’s really not the purpose of the post.

You can watch the series at Animefreak, but please get a DVD whenever it’s available and you can so as to support the original anime series

That’s it for today… Next time we’ll talk about my dear Joseph :-x .

Jojo Episode 10

Joseph Joestar

I remember I saw the DVD on pre-order at Amiami. Well I’ll have a look again and update the links later.

See you  :*