Dreamy fangirl forever lost in a purple wonderland...


Hi Everybody,

Welcome to my blog!

As my main website (www.purple-garden.com) is in French, I started this blog to communicate more easily with English speakers that share the same interests. Finally, it ended having much more success than the other one, and therefore, you’ll find me here most of the time. So, we will be talking about all geek stuffs such as anime, manga, games, figures, goodies, cosplays etc.  but also real life stuffs such as fitness, jobs etc.

As the title says, I’m a thirty something dreamy fangirl that never plans to grow-up  :-P . It doesn’t mean that I’m not responsible, it just means that my hobbies are part of my personality and well, I’ll probably continue to collect toys and write fan fiction or fantasy stories even when I reach 50 ;)) .

I am a business owner by day and creative/content writer at night. Will try my best write about cool subjects, but be warned!!!!  I have a thing for heroes with lots of muscles and large swords such as Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken) or Gatts (Berserk). I have also a clear preference for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series, so be prepared to read about Jojo very very often. I also have a bad habit of putting smileys everywhere, so I hope you can bear with my obsessive girly side. :-SS

Feel free to review, comment,  and/or connect with me on Facebook / Twitter. You can also just send me an message via the contact form if any inquiry. I’m open to guest posts, freelance work in the toys industry and other cool stuffs.  :)

With love  :*