Cool Anime Suggestions…

Hello :) ,

How have you been since last time? Yeah I know, it has been a while I haven’t updated this blog :(( .

The fact is that I don’t have much time on hand,  I’m a little tired of blogging about figures and I am getting perhaps a little lazy  :-P . I have nothing to say for this post, but as it has been a while I haven’t posted anything, I’ll just pretend to write something interesting (reminds me some Gintama episodes).

So here are a few anime you can add on your list:

1) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Well… I told you I had nothing interesting to say. Of course I would recommend the new Jojo Anime Series. This blog is at 90% about Jojo anyway ;)) . We’re only at episode 2, but it’s quite good so far. Will wait a bit before writing a review.

Jojo Anime Stardust Crusaders

Jojo Anime Stardust Crusaders


2) Bayonetta Bloody Fate 

Only episode 1 has been released so far, and it’s basically the summary of the game, for those who played it a couple of years before  :) . It is good and I liked it a lot. Hope there will be more coming soon. Looking forward to see other adventures of Cereza & Jeanne.

Bayonetta Bloody Fate

Bayonetta Bloody Fate


3) Hoozuki-kun no Resetsu

Lol this one is very funny. It is in hell and well, I love those demons and their minions a lot. You should take a look, it quite cool to relax on week-end (not as cool as Gintama though)

Hoozuki no Reitestu Anime

Hoozuki no Reitestu Anime


I’ve heard some cool reviews about Nobunaga The Fool, but haven’t tried yet. And you, do you have any interesting anime to recommend?

Enjoy your Easter Holidays!  :)

See you   :*

PS: I still post some figures news on our Facebook page. Check from time to time!


Happy New Year & Updates…

Hello dear Jojo lovers fellows :-h ,

Happy New Year!

I wish all the best for 2014: good health, much success, lots of money, plenty of dolls & figures etc. Anything you want!

Concerning this blog… Well most of you may have noticed that I have much trouble updating it frequently :( . Not that I don’t want to, but well I’m overloaded and I don’t think it will stop soon. Actually, things may be even worse this year!  :((

But I’m not giving up and I’m thinking about a way to keep this blog running, provide quality info in a short amount of time. And you know what,  I might have an idea!  ;)

Let’s talk again in a few weeks!

As I don’t have any special artwork for New Year, I’m just putting a photo of Barbie “chatting” with Dio   ;))


Dio & Barbie

See you  :*



Facebook Updates…

Hello Everybody,

How have you been? I guess you’re busy with festive season preparations.

As for me I’m ok, still as busy as usual. I know I was supposed to update the blog more frequently, but well … cannot  #:-S . So let’s try something else, I’ll post some quick updates on the Facebook page and well I’ll post more detailed articles here whenever I have the time to do so. How does that sound to you? Let’s try…

Merry Christmas  and see you soon  :*


Some News: Banpresto, Prizes, Gintama & Some Cool Plushes…

Hello Everybody,

I know it’s lame to start with Gintama instead of Jojo but well… There’s so much to write about Jojo that I don’t even know where to start. So let’s start with the easiest thing :-P .

Banpresto announced the release of Super DX Sadaharu & Elizabeth plushes sitted ver.  Plushes are around 25cm tall will be released around mid November 2013.

Banpresto Prize Super DX Elizabeth Sadaharu sitted ver.

Banpresto Super DX Elizabeth Sadaharu sitted ver.

Aren’t they too cute? I would love to get Sadaharu at least. Items are already sold out at BiginJapan. If you’re interested, maybe ebay or your local store will be able to help?

That’s it, back to Jojo on the next post.

See you  :*

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Still alive… Coming back in November (hopefully)…

Hello fellow Jojo fans  :) ,

Hope you are all good.

I know you must hate me, but I really hope you can forgive me for this long absence without any notice. It’s not that I don’t like Jojo (nor you…) anymore it’s just that I was sooo busy these past months   #:-S . As I usually take quite some time to write my posts,  I preferred wait a little before updating.

I’m still busy, but it’s a bit better, so I can start posting again every week. There’s a lot to cover but well I’ll try my best.

See you next week then for another news post.

Have a nice week-end

Cheers  :*